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Social Networks are individuals telling their own story! is telling someone else’s story.
Make someone’s day special, Appreciated Them!
Just because, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, anything!


Anyone can and should be appreciated on

  1. Sign Up!
  2. Click Appreciate Someone Button
  3. Fill out the Appreciate Someone Form
  4. Select Appreciate-You Points (optional)
    • Appreciate-You Points allow recipient to select items from the Appreciate-You store!
  5. Share the link! Share the Appreciation!


An appreciation message, or thank-you doesn’t have to be long it is a simple heartfelt expression of gratitude to another person.

  • Thank You for your help with X.
  • I really appreciate all of your hard work on…..
  • You’ve been so helpful with X. Thanks!
  • Sending you some much-deserved appreciation for X.
  • Happy Birthday, I appreciate you!


The Appreciate-You Store allows recipients to select items of their choosing!

“I appreciate you” – a kind and genuine way to express your gratitude of another

Isn’t it wild how just a few kind words can totally flip your day around? I’ve had moments like that too, where a random compliment stuck with me way longer than expected.

Everyone is dealing with something that you know nothing about – appreciate them